Who We are

NASCOMLIBAN & NASCOM MOZAMBIQUE is an international service provider at the construction industry and the Energy Fields

NASCOMLIBAN & NASCOM MOZAMBIQUE uses its engineering know-how and its PM and Consultancy expertise for designing, building, and operating world-class projects that are engineered at the Safest, Optimist and most Efficient Standards that respects the Environment.

  • Experienced staff

    Experienced staff and Key People to fully understand the Clients requirements.

  • Full Engineering Support

    Full Engineering Support by Global Design Centers at various locations.

  • Contract Terms and conditions

    Contract Terms and conditions that are flexible.

  • The option of Partnerships

    The option of Partnerships, JVs and Long-term Commitment with Clients.

Our Services

NASCOMLIBAN & NASCOM MOZAMBIQUE provides complete EPC services at diverse industries.

Engineering & Design

NASCOMLIBAN & NASCOM MOZAMBIQUE engineering disciplines include civil, electrical, mechanical, piping and structural engineering.


NASCOMLIBAN & NASCOM MOZAMBIQUE in partnership with international procurement expertise, and global supply chain networks, strives to provide the best value for the client investments.


Fabrication is a common smart answer to improve investment efficiencies for some of the worlds challenging work conditions for our clients.



Our international network of construction resources at the middle east and Africa, enables the effective mobilization of skilled construction teams around the world.


NASCOMLIBAN & NASCOM MOZAMBIQUE pool of experts that undertook operations of several Mega facilities worldwide that accommodated and served tens of thousand of workers daily, are willing to take your properties to the next level in terms of residence satisfaction in the most optimized manner


NASCOMLIBAN & NASCOM MOZAMBIQUE procedures and qualified experts deliver workable and inexpensive solutions to meet each of the client’s requirements, while maintaining a very high safety standard